first described by Homer in The Odyssey, as an Egyptian herbal drink so powerful,
that it eases grief and banishes sorrow from the mind.

Nepenthe Film, founded by producers Nina Lyng and Eva Juel Hammerich in 2005, is a creative Danish production company. Nepenthe Film mainly focuses on feature films, but also develops and produces short films, TV and drama series. At Nepenthe Film we have co-production experience locally as well as internationally.

Our main focus is on the individual talent. We develop and produce projects in close collaboration and as an integrated part of the creative team. We work with established names, but we also emphasize the development of new and interesting talent.

It is our responsibility to inspire the new generation as well as the established talents in our field and business. We want to create a new language and new narrative techniques, not just recreate old ones. We need to be trendsetters, not just trendfollowers. That said, we do no put limitations on genre of projects we take on.

We want to work in an innovative environment. An environment which will nourish our inspiration and challenge our intellect. We do not aspire to be traditional or conventional.

And we want to have fun…

Nina Lyng holds a Producers master from The National Film School of Denmark. Nina has worked on numerous productions since 1995 as a Producer and Line Producer.

Contact: / +45 2215  8761 / imdb



Eva Juel Hammerich has a Master of Fine Arts in Film Producing from the American Film Institute (AFI) in LA. Eva has a wide variety of international productions behind her through her many years as PA to the now late actor Richard Harris.

Contact: / +45 2062  6146 / imdb