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We will be casting for “The Shamers Daughter” in March. For more please see

The Shamers Daughter

Skammer datter

Nepenthe Film is set to adapt bestseller “The Shamers Daughter” by Danish popular writer Lene Kaaberbøl. Script by Anders Thomas Jensen. Kenneth Kainz directs. Shooting is scheduled for Summer 2013. The Shamers Daughter will be the first in a Series based on Kaaberbøls Shamer Series of 4 books.

Something in the Air DVD


“Fucking Nowhere”

Lotte Svendsen

Lotte Svendsen is developing “Fucking Nowhere” – a Teen Dramedy written by Susan Stølsvig Skovmand – for Nepenthe Film.

“Plan B” & “24 Dates”


Nepenthe Film is developing “Plan B” by writer Renée Toft Simonsen & “24 Dates” by Susan Stølsvig Skovmand both projects are supported by DFI. “24 Dates” is a (Romantic) Comedy to be directed by Birger Larsen.“Plan B”, a dramatic love story about love in spite, is based on a real story.

Gala Premiere – “Something in the Air”

IMG_0948 kopi

Wednesday November 9th,  Nepenthe Film premiered “Something in the Air” by Director Michael Asmussen


“Something in the Air” – Musicvideo

Kasper Søderlund

Musicvideo for the film “Something in the Air” / “Noget i Luften” Music & Lyrics Maltha / Søderlund – Performed by “The Chimps”

“Something in the Air” – Bryan Adams song

Merry Christmas

Bryan Adams has written the song Merry Christmas - used in “Something in the Air” – NIMB hotel bar in Tivoli sets the scene for the cast while shooting the music video for Merry Christmas


“Something in the Air” – Music video

I Think it's Christmas Today

I Think it’s Christmas Today

Exclusive  peek behind the scenes of the making of Music video for the film “Something in the Air”. Featuring Maltha / Søderlund & The Chimps